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Watta Week

It has been a week since my last post.. Well, been kinda busy at work, and besides, I wasn't
in the mood to write coz Hunny and I had this "misunderstanding" thingy.. But we're now ok..
Somehow, we managed to get through it. :) ... and... I also tried blogging at multiply.com.
So now, I have another site... coffeeaddictus.multiply.com.

Anyway, this has been long overdue... Welcome back, Jen!!!.. She arrived from Canada last Saturday.. After not seeing each other for nearly 3 years, I must say, I missed her! Haha! Well, last Sunday, we (together with my sis and our friends) gave Jen a surprise welcomeback party, and boy, there were lots of food, laughter and picture taking! It was really fun!

Monday, Hun and I went to the wake Patrick's dad (he's our college friend). Pat, our deepest sympathies.

Then come Wednesday, my ate Rj, Kuya Jong and Geri left for Sing.. I was really crying cozit was sad that they are gonna be away for so long.. I think, almost for good. I suck at goodbyes.. Well at least Singapore is near. We can just go there anytime (naks!). I super miss my niece. Yesterday, I got to speak to her. I called them up and it was so nice to hear her voice again. :)

Thursday was another fun night. My Jen treated us for dinner at Sentro in Greenbelt where all of us was full, both from the food we ate and the laughter we all had! Afterwards, we had a sinful dessert at Bizu. It was a fun night, alright, but deep inside I had this blues coz of this LQ.

Friday? Refer to coffeeaddictus.multiply.com :)

Today was rest day for me. We heard mass (anticipated mass, fyi) since my mom's leaving tomorrow for Singapore, too. She'll take care of Geri for 2 weeks (since her parents will be working), and they will come back here (Kuya Jong will be left behind) for a wedding where Geri is a flower girl. They'll stay here for a week before going back there, and
hopefully, Nancy (the yaya) will be able to join them. Hope her papers will be fixed soon.

So what a week, huh?

And I'm gonna brace myself for another loaded week ahead... Loaded in terms of work... I can't wait for that (//sarcastic mode on//)


Bonding With Geri

I am an OC. And being the OC that I am, I helped my Ate Rj pack her things up in the office last night. They are leaving on Wednesday (their flight was moved,, they were supposed to leave today)... Anyway, it was a nice thing to do - to somehow bond with her.. Mushy as it seems, but I will miss her. Although we're not really the sweety-sweety type of siblings, the fact that she's there and her family's just with us is definitely one thing I'll all surely miss.

My sister and her husband is really cramming for all the things they need to accomplish, the stuff they need to pack, the things they need to do... And somehow, Geri will be the ever kulit kiddo who wants to do what her mama does and would play around in the midst of a busy day.. So I took the opportunity to just go out with her and bond the whole day.

So what transpired today? Well, we went out to bond, have fun, eat, watch movie.... So from home we went to our clinic where we stayed for a while (and where I put on my contacts-- ouchie for a first timer like me..), then went to Eastwood to wait for Hunny. Geri was so nice (although sooo kulit) and fun to be with. I mean, we ate at Mcdo - no hassles. She was satisfied with her happy meal toy, her chicken and rice and orange juice.. and my fries. lolz! She played for a while in the kid's area in the middle of Eastwood then went to pick up Hun. Then off we went to Robinsons Galleria to watch Ant Bully, but unfortunately, it isn't showing there anymore.. So as not to put Geri's expectations to nothing and disappoint her so much, we went to Timezone to just unwind for a while, where she enjoyed so much - playing here, playing there and asking (with matching the tiny sweet voice) "Tito Noel" to swipe the card so the games would start - where Tito Noel would gladly oblige. Afterwards, we went to SM Megamall to find Ant Bully, and luckily (since the cinemas in SM shows movies even a month old), we were able to catch it, which made Geri's day complete. So to cap it all off, Geri fell asleep on my lap before the movie ends, and Hun carried my little (big!) baby.. and we went home.

So there.. It was a fun day bonding with my cute niece. I'll definitely miss her noise, her kakulitan, her funny antics, everything. Not to mention, a day with Hun - baby sitting. We would tell each other, what if someone we know sees us together with Geri... people might think (which, some actually did) we're married and we have a kiddo already... I would tell him..."Nah! Geri's not singkit... Her eyes are big and she doesn't look like me.. eh, we look alike" It's not the type that people may say "di mapagkakaila"

Hmmmm.. makes me wonder... Am I ready to be a mom and a wife? But just as what Hun and I agreed... "We'll get there...wag lang mamadalain".. Afterall, we're, somehow, starting to plan things up... :)


Lost... No More

I recover fast. See, now I'm much better.Hun and I had a huge fight last Wednesday night. It wasn't good. It was really awful. To the point, that I almost broke up with him, Thursday morning (since I couldn't sleep well, makes me feel like I am going to have a heart attack). What was I thinking? Good thing I was sober enough to come to my senses and realize that it's just a petty, ok, some sorta-serious-yet-petty issue. We were able to sort it all out and talk about it. I guess, it's just part of every relationship. Afterall, ours wouldn't be normal if we don't have issues/conflicts/problems/discussions/arguments. I guess, it's really part of loving someone - and I think things like these makes our bonding deeper and stronger.

I recovered fast coz I got a dose that's so strong and so intense. Good thing Hunny's patient and loving and understanding. It was, in a way, embarrassing for me coz I feel like I was so childish. And yet, Hun remained calm in all these. We both apologized for the 'things'. I just have a difficulty controlling my emotions especially when I am angry or feeling bad. It's just that I let my emotions rule and I no longer think of the consequences of my actions. Tsk tsk tsk...
Anyway, last night, I felt like I had one of the best Mcdonald's date ever. Lolz! :)

And as they always say... All's well that ends well.



I feel so lost. Help me find my way...
I wish I don't have to explain things. I wish things will just fall into its places - people would understand and take my thoughts seriously.

I wish I don't have to feel this.

I just wanna be alone...


Happy Weekend

I had a blast. Nothing really major.. Just feel good bonding moments with people close to me.

Saturday - was super fun! I met up with my Chummies.. my girlfriends for life... We've been, what.. friends for 8 years now (since we were highschool).. and even if we don't get to see each other or talk to each other often, once we meet up.. it is really something. It's as if we were just together yesterday. Anyway, it was so nice seeing my barkada. It was really fun seeing Ada (who now has a love life.. thanks to Benson .. who happens to know Noel - Claret days.. small world!), Jonna (another friend of mine who now has a very colorful lovelife, thanks to Rj), Mil (who owns the place.. and she happens to be our baby), Grace (my super cool friend), Kate (our Ate). We were all laughing, updating about our lives, eating, reminiscing, bashing. One Saturday I won't forget... bonding with my friends is the one of the many things I won't ever trade for anything else.

Ada, Jonna, Mil and me
Mil, Kate, Jonna, Grace

Sunday (today!) is something different. I mean, I asked permission from both of my parents that I will have lunch with Hunny's family. (Today happens to be his Daddy's (grandfather) birthday) And, hey! It was ok with them. So I had lunch with Hunny and his relatives at Dampa in Parañaque - something that I still find new for me (although, it was the second time).. As what Hun always say: Masanay ka na. Yeah, I guess I have to get used to it.. afterall, his family welcomes me and accepts me as "Noel's girlfriend" - it is I who just thinks that it may not be ok with them or something. After lunch, we then went to Hun's house and watched Click (thanks to Hun's bro, JR, for that film haha!). I liked it. Hey! It made me cry. I was touched with the story and Adam Sandler's realizations. So embarrassing I cried at their house because of a movie! Hahaha!

So.. that's about it. Another week of work's comin' my way. But that's ok. After this weekend, I feel like I'm recharged and just ready for everything. And besides, I'm used to it (work). It's part of my life and my routine.


Thank You

Today, I faced one of my dreaded medical check-ups.. Let's just say it's a sort of a "sooner-or-later" kinda thing... That sooner or later I will go through it.. It was a long overdue check up for me (Hunny keeps on bugging me to have myself checked since May... and I had this issue since I was a teenager.. so basically, it's just about time..)... But I was too traumatized with my previous check up in April (where I had to undergo an MRI and some tests for my ear). Anyway, everything seems to be pretty normal. It's just that I have to correct something by taking medicines. The tests itself were a bit scary ( I won't elaborate it here.. ). Thanks to Pong (my officemate) for the tips and vital info.

And my major 'thanks' goes to my Hunny (my uber-major thanks goes to God of course - need I say more?).. for being the supportive boyfriend - supportive in all things even if I am so stubborn. He's there all the way. His reassuring words, his mere presence, his love just gives me this calmness even if I am so pressured, so stressed out, so afraid. He just stayed by my side. He was there as my parent, my brother, my boyfriend, my bestfriend, my partner, my everything. Thank you Noel.

Heard this from the morning show we always listen to on the way to work..

Do you believe in:

Love at first sight
Eternal love

If you ask me...

Signs - if it's from God, yes (I believe in the power of Prayer coz it happened to me so many times already)... I remember last year, I prayed to God to give me a sign if I should continue something (some people know this) and He did give me what I was asking for. Buti na lang! Serendipity may be like destiny. According to the dictionary, it means to
make discoveries, by accident and sagacity, of things not in quest of. It may be something unexpected. Do I believe in it? Not so sure though. Soulmates may not necessarily be the love of your life, and yes, I somehow believe it. It may be your bestfriend, your sister, your mother or your dog! S/he may be someone you're comfortable with - but not all your friends are your soulmates, just to make it clear. Love at first sight - no. Eternal Love - yes. I actually dream of having a happy marriage until the end. Something like the song "Grow Old With You". My hubby being my friend. Love that won't fade. I'm just so bilib with old couples holding hands, being sooo sweet and all. Don't they just look so good?

I'm so excited to see my Chummies tomorrow.. Can't wait for the bonding moments. :)

Happy weekend!